Friday, December 17, 2010

Be Prepared to Do What You Love

Depending on the work you are focus on and what you love, your preparation list will be different. These are some of the skills you may need or the paperwork that needs to be done beforehand. Take from the list what suits you. Be clear about what you will need in order to pursue that right job, internship, volunteer postion, etc.

1. Accounting skills
2. Grantwriting skilss
3. Computer skills
4. Internet Researchings kills
5. Advertising skills
6. Marketing skills
7. Administrative skills
8. Graphic Design skills
9. Management skills
10. Community Outreach skills
11. Volunteer Coordinator skills
13. Writing skills
14. Interpersonal skills
15. Language skills
16. Specialized skills

Other Materials........
1. Resume
2. Cover letter
3. Applications (forms, grants, etc)
4. Samples of your work (writing,clothes,etc)
5. Portfolio(photography, art, modeling,etc)
6. References Letters
7. Willing to move to a new city, state, or country
8. Business cards
9. Daily Planner
10. Proposal Letter
11. Database system
12. Filing system
13. Visa
14. Passport
15. Work permit
16. Driver's license

1. Website
2. Database system
3. Filing system
4. Office supplies
5. Laptop/Computer
6. Cellphone
7. Work space (in a office or at home)
8. Office Equipment
9. Get a PO box

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