Friday, December 17, 2010

Discover What You Love

You can discover what you love by doing some self-analysis.
Get as clear as possible about what you truly desire.
Once that is done, you can focus on attracting it.

1. What are your talents and skills?
2. Which activities make you happy?
3. What would your ideal job look like?
4. What does it feel like?
5. Get specific about the uses & functions & qualities of your ideal work
6. Research actual jobs that match your interests
7. Research the salaries for the jobs and fields you love the most
8. Collect pictures that represent your perfect work
9. Visualize often those things that you can see yourself having
10. Use prayerwork and positive affirmations daily to get clear about what you want
11. Focus on creating what you want on the daily basis
12. Make your perfect work a priority in your life

*Recommended Reading: Creating Money by Sanaya Roman


  1. You are invited to help to form what we continue to become:

    gypsy hand

    Too brite days
    midnights that refuse to
    abide dark and secret
    as empty phrases chant
    to fairytale Moons
    I tell myself
    This is no ordinary room
    This is no fleeting flittering life
    This is a magical passageway
    sparkling like mica, like miracles

    Quiet traces
    luminous impression
    a trailing kite tail binds
    silent whimpers, sojourning whispers,
    tears shining behind mime smiles

    Crone's gnarled fingers, playing
    to spite agony
    simulate touch
    beyond ache
    Too brite cell,
    crouched scarred shadow
    I cast silhouette of metamagic gypsy

    Laurie Corzett -

  2. found your blog thru CL...

    Welcome to blogland!
    Feel free to check mine out as well <3